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Rats in Pants

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Rats In Pants~ Knits for Rescue
50% of all knits sales will be given to Lilspaz68 (shelagh) for her rat vet fund.
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Beautiful & Tasteful Rat Themed
home decor and gifts 
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Scalloped shaped coaster or paperweight. This is an acrylic coaster with a felt cardboard bottom. The coaster is 4 1/2" in diameter with the inner circle not quite 3 1/4" in diameter. It has a lip/edge on it to help prevent spills and collect condensation.  

this item has been embellished with aged 1940 newspaper cutout with a cute stamped rat.
  Pet loss cards
Rat Wood magnets
$10 for 3
other patterns available right now
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MOUSE A: 6 3/4" W x 2 1/2" H 
MOUSE B: 6" W x 2 1/2" H 
MOUSE C: 6 1/4" W x 3 1/4" H 
 light switches
 $5 each




 ***KNITTED RAT!!***

they stand 9-10" tall (seated)

 can be made in any color/color combo.

 pricing starts at $30

(below is a agouti standard coat)

 knitted rats album

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